Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It Doesn't Happen Often

It's not often that I praise the DUP however I was impressed my one-time economics teacher, now MP for East Antrim, Sammy Wilson contribution to the ID card debate last night. However, he was attachking one of the few strands of the entire bill that the government have held firm on the whoe way through that is that the cost is worth it.

Stewart Hussie of the SNP followed not long afterwards laying out the ridiculous claims of the saving that the government, sorry the private sector, will make as a result of this government funded scheme paid for by, well I guess that is us the ordinary citizens.

Both these comments were followed by Michael Linton who said:

no one has seriously challenged its figures. In fact, they have hardly been mentioned.

I recommend that Mr Linton read Hansard as he apparently is suffering from the newly discovered Labour Party malaise of inconvenient deafness, inconvenient that is to the public.

However, this is one issue that must not lie down. So if you haven't already please visit the No2ID website.

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