Monday, February 27, 2006

Another Change of MP

One advantage of being in a local party which includes two constituencies from the same council area is that you get an larger option of potential properties without having to change local party registration. Thus I making my third constituency change since I first arrived in West Lothian whilst not switching my local party.

When I first came to Soctland I was registered in Stoneyburn and had Robin Cook as my MP. Unfortunately I couldn't vote against him in 2001 as I moved just too loate to get unto the register. Then I moved to Whitburn and had the father of house Tam Daylell as my MP. While there I had to priveledge to vote for a council candidate I knew very well, ie me. Just over a year ago when I knew I was being primed to stand in Linlithgow and Falkirk East I moved back into Robin's constituency, therefore missing the opportunity to vote for myself at a Westminster Election. Of course Robin was only my MP for about 8 months before his tragic death. However, I'm leaving Jim Devine behind now to move over to Bathgate and become a constituent of Michael Connarty.

As a result of searching and now finding this new flat I have been a little less busy in posting of late and may disappear for a few days while I attempt to transfer my braodband connection.

I'll see you all soon once I get settled in the new place.

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Barrie Wood said...

Good luck with your move ;-)


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