Saturday, January 28, 2006

Scores on the Doors II

Ok there was some debate when I posted these yesterday and Rob Fenwick has made adjustments to Simon's site to make up for this debate. However, it would appear that Chris Huhne maybe hasn't had a supporter update in the last 24 hours while the other two contenders have. The current levels of public support are:

Simon Hughes 926 +266

Sir Menzies Campbell 772 +103

Chris Huhne 425 +1 (possibly due to miscount and additions not added today)


Nicholas said...

I count the following (possible) duplicates:

At least 30 on Hughes' list twice:
Mohammed Hanif Asmal
Jan Clein
John Coyne
Brian Ellis
Joan Garrity
John Halliday
Lesley Hardy
Matthew Harris
EP Helme
Jon Hunt
Lawrence Hurt
Altaf Khan
Richard Knasel
Jonathan Lees
Isobel McCall
George Molyneux
Mark Pursey
Jan Revell
Paul Revell
Debbie Roberts
Paul Robinson
Jennifer Sefton
Max Smith
Tim Smith
Marilyn Sumner
Nick Sumner
Tim Symonds
Matthew Thomas
Joy Vincent
Michael Williams

(and a couple more possibles, eg "Powell Mrs E R" / "Nellie Powell"; "J (Mrs) Fisher" / "Jan Fisher"; but there is no reason to doubt the note on the site that there are two different supporters called Martin Roberts.)

3 on Campbell's list twice:
Colin Hall
Graham Watson
Sheila Clarke

(NB also note of two different supporters both named Sarah Green)

6 on both Campbell and Huhne's lists:
Alan Dean
Pambos Economides
Brenda Smith
John Stevens
David Thomas
Peter Wilson

2 on both Huhne and Hughes' lists:
Christopher Thomas
David Walker

2 on both Cambell and Hughes' lists:
Jock Gallagher
Rocardo Sajor

Rob F said...

While I salute your indefatigability (and evidently copious amounts of free time), looking down your list of Simon's duplicates I know I dealt with most, if not all of those duplicates this morning.

I will however, check your list off and ensure that any genuine duplicates (ie those that are not two different people with the same name) are removed.

Susanne said...


It would be nicer if you could email Rob with any errors you pick up. It's not an easy job transferring over names from one site to another and then adding the new ones as they come in.

There are only so many hours in a day so give him a break

Rob F said...

After further investigation I removed a total of one duplicate (Tim Smith).

Every new registration is being checked against the existing list to prevent further duplicates.

Stephen Glenn said...

Gee I agree Rob some people appear to have too much free time.

Angus fancy putting some of that to better use and telephone canvassing for Dunfermline and West Fife? We're on a roll up here and every little helps.


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