Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Reflecting Britain

Why am I a white, middle-class male supporting the latest initiative by the Liberal Democrats to encourage more female and ethnic minority candidates? The answer is simple, the supporters and people who vote for our party are diverse, in fact they are as diverse as the people who make up our country; even in West Lothian with a small ethnic population this is true. We need, as a party, to truly represent that community and multi-culture.

A quick scan down the list of names supporting the three leadership candidates shows anyone just how diverse our party is. Look at the number of councillors who names betray their ethnicity and of course their gender. There are people out there who already hold elected office, who know what being a politician is all about at local level. Why are they not coming out to stand for key and target parliamentary seats? As a party we are making inroads into urban seats where the greater proportion of our ethnic communities live so these seats are targets an.

The candidates and elected representatives who have come through from the initiatives of the Gender Balance Task Force are a sterling example that this focus is producing good, no make that great candidates. This work can continue and be expanded to aid ethnic diversity and balance as well.

Will it be harder for us white, middleclass men to get selected? Definitely, but that only means that we too have to lift our game. In other words the cream will be rising to the top; and when that happens with high calibre candidates of all genders and ethnic origins we will have a team that is ready to govern Britain. Surely that is something we can aspire and look forward to.


Guessedworker said...


Do you think the English possess the same inner need to pursue their ethnic interests as all other peoples, or is there something "special" about us that makes us natural Cultural Marxists?

Do you think that low-IQ Third World immigration is wanted by the English? Can you produce a single piece of evidence to that effect?

Why has their blessing for immigration never once been sought in sixty long decades? Why, on the contrary, has every kind of legal and faux-moral burden been employed to silence any measure of dissent?

Why are you not loyal to your own people above all others, and desirous of their children's birthright be respected?

What will you say to them when they are a disliked minority in a nation of total aliens?

You can visit my blog,, if you wish and argue the case for race replacement in England on any of our many threads. You will be eviscerated.

Stephen Glenn said...

I do not moderate comments on my blog as i believe everyone has the right to be heard even if they have bigoted comments.

The above poster talks about Englishness as if it is a signle entity. Do they come from Viking stock of the Maurading hoardes that settled eventually in the Danegeld. Or an Angle from who England earns it names a migrant from continetal Europe as were the Saxons. Is that part of a Roman in them from the time of their occupation, or French from the Norman invasion.

There is no such reality as being English without probably some incomers genes in your make up. I myself am of Scottish and Viking descent that iI know of and have lived is three of the four countris that make up the united Kingdom with roots in the other part of the British Isles.

We are citizens of the world and immigration has been going on for a lot longer than 60 years indeed before time recorded it man and races have been moving boundaries are just arbitrary lines in the sand and haven't held people back even through history, but have occasionally held them in.


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