Sunday, January 15, 2006

Nominate by Download

It has come to my attention that now all four of the declared candidates have an option for mrmbers to download a nomination form from one of their sites.

One of my fellow bloggers earlier in the week called this oportunism on the part of one of the candidates, I beg to differ. This is merely a very environmentally effective way to ensure that all constituencies can have their choice and say in nominating their preferred candidates. Instead of having 4 sets of mailing to each of the 600+ constituencies these can merely be printed off as required also saving on postage waste out. It is an aid to the democratic stance of our party where everyone has an equal right to nominate the candidate of their choice.


Rob F said...

Heeeyaaahhhh Heeeyaahhhh *waves order paper*

Stephen Glenn said...

I take, my friend was waving a virtual order paper in keeping with the blog entry.


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