Friday, January 27, 2006

Nine Contest Dunfermline By-Election

Page 4 of the Scottish Edition of the Times today has a wonderful picture of Willie Rennie, the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Dunfermline and West Fife by-election, half way up a climbing way. He looks like he is effortlessly scaling the heights which may well be a metaphor for what Catherine Stihler, Labour’s candidate, is worried he is doing in the polls. Hopefully Willie will reach the peak first on 9 February.

Seven other candidates have declared for this contest after nominations closed yesterday. They are Ian Borland (UKIP), Douglas Chapman (SNP), George Hargreaves (Scottish Christian Party), John MCAllison, a former Labour MP and MEP (Scottish Socialist Party), Tom Minogue (Abolish Forth Bridge Tolls Party), Dick Rodgers (The Common Good), Carrie Ruxton (Conservative).


Wink said...

Personnally I hope he peaks on FEBRUARY 9th.

Stephen Glenn said...

Whoops sorry Wink!

Anonymous said...

why do you support simon hughes.

the man is a liar - and let's face facts having a gay party leader will lose the libdems votes.


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