Friday, January 06, 2006

My Name is Tarzan, I'm a One-Legged Alcoholic

I can’t believe some of the statements that are coming out regarding Charles Kennedy. In the two papers I read daily that was 7 pages worth of coverage. Some are talking about him being underhanded, these are some of the same people who briefed against him, signed letters on no confidence they were not prepared to deliver and they stand for the party of openness and democracy in Parliament.

Looking closer at some of them personally, I wouldn’t want Jenny Tonge as my doctor after her comments on the BBC site today. Clearly if I were a recovering alcoholic she would say nobody should employ me as I am the equivalent to some one-legged Tarzan. I’m sorry Jenny I supported you over your comments about terrorists, as empathy is one thing, but someone with your professional background should be more understanding of health issues. Much as I admire the wonderful Peter Cook and Dudley Moore sketch to which she refers an alcoholic can recover and be fit for the role unlike someone with one leg attempting to grow a replacement to become Tarzan.

As for leadership challengers not coming forward, Charles himself said on calling the leadership election:

It is open to any colleague who believes that they can better represent the longer-term interests of the party to stand against me in such a leadership election.

I don’t think even he would hold any of his colleagues to a pledge they made in different times never to stand against him, he has thrown down the gauntlet to any challenge, nobody as yet seems able or willing to pick it up.


Anonymous said...

CK has made this very difficult by making it a question of his personal problems rather than his performance of leader. As he well knows, anyone challenging him in those circumstances looks vindictive and disloyal when in fact they have the best interests of the party at heart. His condition means he is not fit to lead the party.

Anonymous said...

To have this fight in public, at this late stage, is foolish, as far as the party is concerned.... Without doubt, Charles Kennedy is well-meaning, and under his leadership, ''Liberals'' (and there doesn't seem many of them...... viz Ms Tonge) won a record number of seats since Lloyd George arguably wrecked The Party! The Man has proved good..... both partywise..... and, more importantly, family-wise!..... Where IS your Liberalism?.......... (Incidentally, what DOES Paddy have to say?)... And Ming is prolly the best PM we NEVER had!..... Give Charlie the chance of the next Locals..... The Party doesn't need this now..... (and you're driving me and others away!)


Anonymous said...

Hear! hear! Gerry


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