Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Moving Forward Together

Mark Oaten said in his launch speech:

This contest is not just about modernising the party. But it is about the issue of whether it is left or right, or social economic or liberal economic.

And I believe that in fact those are the wrong phrases. We need now to merge those ideas together and create a modern Liberal party for the 21st century.

I happen to agree with him that both these philosophical mindsets have a place in our Liberal democratic position in the centre of politics. There are things from both sides of the debate that are relevant and pertinent. We as a party have been charged with the task to find the right balance and when we hit on that balance we will make that breakthrough and become an electable force.

I knew that Mark was capable of tying these two threads together after hearing him at one of the fringe events in Bournemouth. I'm sure I would have had this backed up had I been at Blackpool but unfortunately there was a greater need for me a short walk away in a by-election campaign office.

So far of declared the candidates he has my highest preference but I just feel that something, other than John Hemming, is about to stir the mix up again real soon.

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Tristan said...

That gives me some hope. For me that is the only consistent Liberal view for this time. We must not be afraid of moving forwards, it doesn't mean rejecting those core beliefs which we hold, indeed, this direction means strengthening them to me.


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