Monday, January 16, 2006

Good Recovery

Pooling is not an exact science and last week as I mentioned at the start of my thought on restoring trust one such poll was made at exactly the wrong point i.e. last week end for the Liberal Democrats.

However, as Lord Rennard said on Monday when he announced the plans for the leadership election the party was already starting to come together and put the bad blodd behind it. It appears the public may be of a similar mindset as the latest YouGov Poll indicates only slight change from their last poll down only 1% to 20%.

We have moved up steadily to a position where the 20% mark in opinion polls is becoming the norm. We need to move on further after the new leader is selected. We should be aiming for 25% then 30% once we have 30% we really will see three party politics as then the votes will be very evenly spread between the main parties. I believe we can do it. I know that many of the rest of you also believe we can do it. Many people I've met in campaigns in the last few years have said you know you lat are making sense, we just have to make so much sense that those people do start to realise that we can actually achieve the things we say we want to do.

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