Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The End is Near

As some of my longer term readers will be aware towards the end of last year I came to the end of a five year engagement. My ex-fiancee broke the news to me as I was still fatigued and recovering from the Livingston by-election that she no longer felt she could be part of a relationship with me at that level but that she still wanted to remain friends.

Well for hte last couple of weeks I've been slowly but surely seeing her stuff and some of hte stuff htat we bought together disappearing from the house. It is largely an empty shell right now. However, it does mean that I have got to focus on trying to find someplace else to lay my head as there is no way I can afford the rent on this palce by myself.

Being a member of a small local party I am actually able to change the constituency I live in without changing my local party allegience as West Lothian Lib dems actually covers two Holyrood constituencies instead of just one line most. Just over a year ago I move from Linlithgow into Livingston. So at the moment I am looking at the possiblity to move back not least as I intend to carry on fighting elections over in Linlithgow for the party.

So I've got a few possiblities I'm now just trying to work out the maths of accomodation, bills, travel to see if I can afford to make the jump to Linlithgow itself.

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