Monday, January 30, 2006

Displaced Kingstonian Fans

I don't post often enough about one of the football teams I follow, non-league Kingstonian. The team from Kingsmeadow have a pitch next to the athletics track I used to train at as a student hence the affection I have for them. I also have a tape of the first of their two back-to-back FA Trophy wins.

However, the reason I am posting about Kingstonian today was because of one of those quirks of fate that happen on the campaign trail. Yesterday afternoon after I had eaten a late lunch at Dunfermline headquarters I was ready to hit the streets with more leaflets. I was teamed up two guys who initially told me they were from London until I spotted a Kingstonian fleece in the back of Simon's car. So we had an interesting converstaion about Kingston to find out we both ran for the University track team as well.

However, it was good to meet them and they will be around or a little while longer. They are up helping in Dunfermline and West Fife, helping to send Willie Rennie to Westminster, along with others from all corners of the UK.

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