Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Chris Supporters Come a Calling

I may have been wrong yesterday when I assumed that Chris Huhne's camp would be more astute and not come urging me to back Chris. However, this morning I was proved wrong.

Admittedly the email came from a personal friend within the party rather than from the man himself, who I have not met in person, and also down near the end did at least say if I won't give your first preference to at least consider giving my second preference to Huhne.

I admit I had not spoken to this particular person about my support for Simon, basically although I've been in Dunfermline at the same time as numerous friends the changes of being in the office at the same time are slim. However, I've hardly been hiding my support for Simon under a bushel either, before he alphabetised his support I believe I was listed at number eight on that list.

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