Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Can the Press Press for a Party's Democratic Change?

Charles Kennedy has come out his corner after the holidays speaking like a world champion fighter, promising direct and aggressive leadership of our party.

However, Susan Kramer, MP for Richmond and former Mayoral candidate, brought up a salient point. She said the party had 'lost control' of the leadership issue. And that the hostile press wanted the issue to run on, but she said that this could not be 'allowed to bleed'.

Susan then said it was time to put leadership candidates, including Mr Kennedy, before the Lib Dem members 'and ask them for a verdict so that within a matter of weeks we have a leader with a ringing endorsement from the party'.

Simon Hughes MP, Party President, said that Charles needs to show his heart for the fight to lead the party but also said that he should be allowed to lead the party into the May elections.

However, Charles Kennedy himself came up with an excellent summation of the current conservative ebb and flow of policy and how this should stir Liberal Democrats. On the BBC's Today programme he said:

"The fluff and nonsense of the honeymoon period of the new Conservative leadership, far from endangering the Lib Dems, should embolden the Lib Dems."


Susanne Lamido said...

Stephen, It's Susan Kramer not Sarah. I fully agree with her.

Stephen Glenn said...

Thanks Susanne I seem to have problems with my female S's. Just as long as I don't mix up Jo Swinson and Jo Grimmond I should be okay.

I see that Charles has also agreed with Susan, eventually.


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