Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Hoon's PMQs Finishes on Time Shocker

With Blair propably off preparing for the EU mini summit tomorrow Geoff Hoon was at the dispatch box for Prime Minster's Questions today.

Unlike last weeks debacle he seemed to run on time. But if the best he could come back to David Heath about Labour's over draconian anti-terror laws was that the Liberal Democrats should start living in the real world it may be some time before he allowed back.

Let's take a look at the real word. Someone heckles a speech at the Labour Party conference he is arrested under the over draconian anti-terror laws. Animal rights protesters are now under threat of the over draconian anti-terror laws.

What next? Our right to assemble in protest against a draconian governemnt; will they round us all up under over draconian anti-terror laws? What if there is a motion against a Labour policy at conference next year will they arrest everyone in the hall for making noises against the government?

Watch this space.

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