Tuesday, September 06, 2005

With a LIttle Help from Our Friends

What would do if a gaggle of MSPs volunteered to come and visit your campaign office in Livingston? Well we didn't stand up and walk out on them. We sent them out with clipboards in hand to go and talk to the residents of Livingston and the reports back were very good. We hope to see many of them back out in Livingston before 29 September. It's nice to encourage your elected representatives at times.

On personal note my fiancee handed in her notice for her current job yesterday having accepted an offer of the better job on Friday. This might nessecitate a move on both our parts but we still have to see what is the best solution. In the meantime it has caused an appraisial of what my political aims should be over the next few years. All of this during a busy by election campaign on home soil. Things never seem to come in the calms but amidst the storms.

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