Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Labour to be Cut Down to Size

Following a formal complaint the Labour Party has been ordered to remove thousands of posters they have put up during the Livingston By-election. It was spotted that the Labour Party posters were twice the size of the permitted maximum.

Today, following a written complaint the West Lothian Council reacted swiftly and have ordered the Labour Party Campaign manager to comply with the regulation or face action. West Lothian Councils said:

"We have received a complaint and as a result we have ordered the Labour Party to comply with our regulations which were clearly stated before the election began. We have therefore ordered them to remove all oversize posters by the end of Tuesday."

Today's Times quotes a spokesperson for the Lib Dems responding:

"The rule for posters are very clear and are designed to give all parties an equal opportunity."


Apollo Project said...

Keep up the good work, Stephen! I wonder if Labour are going to comply...

Stephen Glenn said...

They have not as yet they are blaming it as being too windy. I advised the lighting officer on West Lothian Council that parties do not use padders to take down their posters. I even offered to lend Labour our long pole nad knife to enable them to comply without the need for ladders.


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