Thursday, September 01, 2005

Labour Peer Admits Fire Charge

Labour peer and Glasgow Cathcart MSP Mike Watson has pleaded guity the starting a fire at the Prestonfield House Hotel last year. He defence team have said he intends to resign from the Scottish Parliament prompting another by election, maybe this is why Labour have yet to move the writ they are hoping for a London bus effect of a number coming along at once minimising the effect

As reported here earlier the last time I was at Prestonfield House I was waving off Charles Kennedy on the last day of the General Election campaign. Ironically Prestonfield House and Charles Kennedy campaigning will be on the news again today. At this moment the Charleses Kennedy and Dundas are out and about in Livingston as the first party leader visits in advance of the by election. I'll get to see the pictures alter as I am stuck in work at the moment.

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