Friday, September 16, 2005

Blogging the Lib Dem Way

In the pre-conference edition of Lib Dem News Jonathan calder has an excellent article on the proliferation of blogs within the party from all levels of activity our MP's, councillors and activists. he obviously was unable to name check us all and give a note on the content. But his sample is a pretty far cross section.

Peter Black AM however does mention some of the newer bloggers, including me. I think I will have to let him off adding the extra 'e' on Livingston, being a Welsh elected representative being able to you vowels may be a luxary that happens all too rarely.

However, I'm not the only blogger active in the Livingston by election. I've already mentioned the one by the Socialist Party of Great Britain. Well the other Socialist (though denied by the SPGB) Steven Nimmo of the Scottish Socialists also has one. However, the SPGB belive in a faceless campaign, having seen their candidate I can understand why. However, if they want people to understand what they stand for surely it helps if people know who they are asking to become their MP, I anticipate that a 3 figure vote count will come their way if they are lucky.

Last night was the first hustings meeting of the campaign. News is that the Labour Candidate did not go down well at all. Also both the Labour and SNP candidate cold shouldered Charles Dundas. That sort of body language can only mean one thing the confident front that the two 'big' parties are trying to portray in the media cannot be what they are seeing, hearing and feeling on the streets. Charles Dundas really is a real threat to both of them in this by election and they know it.

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Anonymous said...

" . . . having seen their candidate I can understand why . . "

Mmm, not the brightest comment to make when a quick google search revealed a pic of your fizzog. ;-)

politics is showbusiness . . . (you know the rest)


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