Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The One That Almost Got Away

Ever got that feeling that the world is ganging up on you? I had earlier today.

Applied for a job closing date was yesterday. The interviews were scheduled for tomorrow. I get a call for an interview. Of course working in a call centrew I don't get to actually take the call in real time as I am dealing with a customer so have to call back.

Interview slots are in the middle of the day. I work in Edinburgh interview is over in the West of Scotland. I'm currently acting up in my stand in role. Know this will be awkward but brazenly ask the boss for time off. Get turned turn, ask what would be acceptable.

Redial the prospective employer. They will talk to the boss and see what they can do. I ask if possible first thing or last thing. They call back: I'm again on a call. They offer a compromise first thing in the morning on Thursday. My boss still turns me down. But her boss is beside me when this happens. So before I can send an email of complaint I've been told they will manage.

I just hope the interview goes well after all these problems.

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