Saturday, August 13, 2005

All Quiet on the Livingston Front

Following the explosions and pyrotechnics of John McCririck at yesterday's funeral all is settled into quiet normality in Livingston. The weather is not sure what to do rain, sun and overcast have all made a bid to be today's weather. It is like the moody calm before the storm.

In fact it is so quiet I stuck in Livingston by election into Google on the off chance that something might come up.

All I found was that UKIP have beendiscussing their options and tactics quite openly since last Sunday afternoon. They obviously seem to need a map to find West Lothian but won't find Livingston, which is landlocked, if they continue to end it in an 'e', at least on any map post 19th century; and it has grown a lot since then. But most encouraging is the severe lack in understanding of Scottish politics as they are contemplating undermining us, the second party in Scottish politics only 3 months ago, as 'not even a proper political party'.

The Scottish Peoples Alliance, now called the New Party, similarly alligned to UKIP attempted to stand a candidate in Livingston in the last Scottish Parliament election: they even have offices next to the football stadium. The result a pitiful 6th place. However, based on recent UKIP activity I doubt they'll even be able to muster a paperless candidate.

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