Friday, July 22, 2005

What Now for a Failed Suicide Bombers?

The four bombers for yesterday now know they cannot hide. The aftermath of the 7/7 attacks showed how quickly CCTV footage of their last movements were pieced together. International collaboration produced evidence of them arriving in Pakistan for training.

This time eyewitnesses saw them as they fled the scene. CCTV from after the events is going to be able to isolate them as they flee up escalators of off the number 26 bus. The police must already have images of the bombers. They will now be working back trying to trace their progress to and through London. Also trying to piece together their flight from the scene.

One advantage is that the police have had a run through of gathering this sort of information quickly. They are already on the ball and will have kicked off a thorough investigation within minutes of the events yesterday afternoon. I expect to see progress made over the weekend.

The bombers however have seen a dawn they did not expect to see. They got on those trains or that bus intending to never get off. If one of the four set the devices he must be hiding from the other three, for they will be angry at the failure of the devices. They have failed, they are facing things they were not trained for. They were not trained to hide they were trained to die. They will be panicking, they may make more mistakes.

London was lucky last night. I was in an immediate state of shock again yesterday wondering if any of my friends had been caught up this time. My prayers are with all my friends and every one else in London and they continue to go about their daily lives.

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