Thursday, February 09, 2006

You Know They're in Trouble When

The Scottish Secretary evokes the name of the late MP to encourage out their vote in what should be a safe seat.

"I ask everyone who lives in Dunfermline and West Fife to preserve [Rachel Squire's] memory by voting for Labour."

"Do it for Rachel. And do it for every hard-working family, every pensioner and every child in your community."

Alistair Darling

Actually Alistair the people of Dunfermline vote for themselves. If they are not happy with how you and the rest of Tony Blair's cronies are running things they can vote against you and vote you out, such is the joy of democracy.

Yesterday, Tony Blair accused David Cameron of flip-flopping while brandishing a Conservative leaflet from the Dunfermline by-election a dangerous thing to do Tony considering the amount of flip-flopping Labour has done over road tolls and bridges as a result of the same election campaign.


by_elections said...

Brilliant result and you must be over the moon at being part of making history - taking a Scottish Westminster seat from Labour - When did the Liberals, Lib Dems do that last?

Any chance of the leaflets for our website???

Hope you get to work OK in the morning. Look forward to seeing your reaction to the result.

Best wishes

Andy said...

Bloody well done! Fantastic result and well earned.


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