Thursday, July 14, 2005

2 Minute's Silent Contemplation

Working in a call centre it is unusual to hear total silence. Therefore the hush that decended at 12 noon today was quite unique. Customers were happily put on hold for 2 minutes and al was quiet.

As someone brought up in Northern Ireland the atrocities of last week bring a particular haunting to my mind. Having grown up with the thread of violence, terroist acts etc. all my life I was started to enjoy some semblance of peace. Peace of mind. Security at home.

This new terror to hit the shores of hte UK could hit anywhere, anytime without warning. One thing the IRA, and others, at least had the courtesy to do was give some warning to its non-military or police targets. yet this is not in the spirit of Islam we have heard enough leaders of that community say that this is against their teachings. This is just someone looking for a excuse just as the IRA attacks was not within the teachings of the Catholic church.

Religion is not the reason for this terror, it is becoming an excuse!

This is far worse as the people who perpitrate such acts are under the dilussion that there is some righteous goal behind what they do. Two minutes seems far to little time to contemplate, to mark the loss so keenly felt by so many.

Before we realised it the time was up and the humdrum of a normal day had returned.

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